Friday, July 25, 2008

"New Kind of Quaker" Conference Update

Hello Everyone ~
A few of you have expressed an interest in attending the conference scheduled for November 14-15 in North Carolina. This is being sponored by the Friends Center of Guilford College of which Max Carter directs. As more information comes my way (ie, cost, etc), I can get the word out. In the meantime, I will talk to Max about publishing possible housing options. Since we have been getting the word out on the internet, this is the first time we have received interest from folks outside the Yearly Meeting - and North Carolina- for that matter. But, that is good. It's an important topic and one that needs all who feel led to be present and in attendance. So, more info is to come. If you are interested, please just post your interest level on the blog. Thanks!

Monday, July 14, 2008

A Christianity...and Quakerism...Worth Believing and Embracing

Right now, I'm working my way through Doug Pagitt's recent book, A Christianity Worth Believing. In it, he has some great thoughts worth mulling over. Early on, he describes the kind of Christianity that is his desire and vision. Pagitt longs for a Christianity that:

"...makes sense in the world in which we live, a Christianity that is not afraid of questions and will not resist answers, regardless of where they lead. It is my attempt to embrace a faith that is expansive, growing, and beautiful on in which God is active and alive involved in all of life. Because I believe in a Christianity where nothing is left out and no one is left behind, where humanity participates with God in the redemption of the world; where sin is more than a legal problem to be judged but a relational problem that can be healed; where we pursue harmony, centered on Jesus the Messiah, the Jew, whose life, death, and resurrection allow us to live well with God; there the Bible draws us into a story of life and healing; where we find hope for this life and life ever after; where love is alive, where love drives out fear, where love propels us towards lives lived for the betterment of the world."

I guess when I read this, it is very easy for me to also plug in the identification of "Quakerism" when I see the name "Christianity." For not only do I long for this type of Chrisianity, I long for this kind of expression of Christianity..a Quakerism that is not afraid to ask questions or resist answers regardless of where they lead...a Quakerism that is expansive, growing, and beautiful and one where God is active and alive and involved in all of life...a Quakerism where nothing or no one is left behind and all of humanity participates with God in the redemption and mending of the world...a Quakerism where love is alive, love drives out fear, and love propels us towards lives lived for the betterment of our world...and our communities!

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Kind of Quaker Conference - November 2008

Hey Everyone,
Just letting you know that Max Carter is planning a Quaker Renewal conference in November to be held at Deep River Friends Meeting in High Point, NC. It's theme will be "A New Kind of Quaker" and is intended to bring together young adults, seasoned (old) adults, and others that have an interest in what a "new kind of Quaker" looks like for the 21st century. The following is a "teaser" of what to expect in terms of interest groups, speakers, etc:

"A New Kind of Quakerism?"
A Quaker Renewal Program Workshop

November 14-15, 2008
Deep River Friends Meeting

Sponsored by Friends Center at Guilford College (Preceded by a three-week book study of Shane Claiborne and Chris Haw's "Jesus for President")

Friday, November 14
6:45 pm Registration and refreshments
7:15 pm "A New Kind of Quakerism? Convergent Friends and Young Adult
Friends' Concerns" - Betsy Blake (tentative "yes," pending
8:15 pm Worship-sharing groups, with word exercises and discussion
9:00 pm Closing worship

Saturday, November 15
9:00 am Pastries and drinks
9:15 am First workshop offerings

1. Building intergenerational community in the RSoF: initiatives of FGC's youth ministries committee - Maia Hallward
2. A new technology for a new Quakerism - Scott Wagoner?
3. The experience of YAF gatherings at Lancaster, Burlington, and Richmond - Rebecca Sullivan (yes); Megan Fair? Nathan Sebens? Betsy Blake?
10:30 am Break

11:00 am Second workshop offerings
1. So what are we afraid of? - Dave Mercadante?
2. Sharing the experience of QLSP alumni and current students - Evelyn Jadin, et. al.?
3. Panel of YAFs from different branches - Megan Fair, et. al.
12:15 pm Lunch break.
1:00 pm "A Spiritual Journey from Unprogrammed Friends through QLSP
into Programmed Friends" - Evelyn Jadin?
2:00 pm Worship-sharing groups.
3:00 pm Break

3:30 pm Third workshop offerings
1. What's our place as YAFs in the RSoF/ What are YAFs doing now? - Erin Wagoner and Stephen Dotson (yes)
2. "Emergent" and "Convergent": the broader Christian context for a new Quaker movement - Tony Lowe and April Baker
3. The making of "Can We All be Friends?" - Betsy Blake (yes,
pending discernment)
4:45 pm Closing semi-programmed worship.