Monday, October 27, 2008

"A New Kind of Quakerism" Conference - November 14-15, 2008

Some have inquired through email and other sources regarding the status of the conference entitled "A New Kind of Quakerism". Apparently, there is a buzz out there and some excitement about this event. That's great! Here is some pertinent information that might be helpful in your planning.

1) The conference is scheduled for November 14-15 (Friday / /Saturday) at Deep River Friends Meeting in High Point, North Carolina. We are located at 5300 West Wendover Avenue, High Point, NC 27265. Our phone number is 336-454-1928. Our email address is I want to just make sure that everyone is aware that the Friends Center of Guilford College and the Quaker Renewal Program gets the credit for planning this conference. We are just the site it is being held...but we wholeheartedly support it and welcome the opportunity to provide hospitality.

2) Max Carter is Director of the Friends Center and can be contacted at 336-316-2445. You can also go to the Friends Center page at

3) This November 14-15 retreat / conference is being described as a time of "...intergenerational workshops on the theme 'A New Kind of Quakerism' and drawing on the energy and vision of young adult Friends as well as the new 'convergent' Friends movement. The "convergent Friends" are described as Friends that are "...seeking a deeper understanding of our Quaker heritage and a more authentic life in the kingdom of God on earth, and are radially inclusive of everyone who shares this wish." This is a quote by Robin Mohr from the Friends Journal (October 2006)

4) Practically speaking there are plenty of hotels / motels around Deep River Friends if anyone wishes to stay there. Please contact us and we'll provide information on these places. Also, please be aware, Friends are welcome to stay at our meetinghouse overnight. We do have places that folks can thrown down a sleeping bag and pillow and be comfortable. We do not have shower facilities but have more than adequate bathroom and kitchen facilities.

I hope this is helpful to those that are thinking of attending. We're looking forwards to an exciting time!

Scott Wagoner
Pastoral Minister
Deep River Friends Meeting